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Mel’s Odds Calcutta The Final

The Field Is Set For The Red Jacket!.  You May Not Be In It-BUT You Could Win It!  Below Are My Expert Commentary & Odds.

Dr. DW ACE Blackwell,

World Renown Probability Guru

Banks, Larry 4*1 Top qualifer, high hdcap,PRESSURE too much??
Mathis, Vincent 4*1 Rookie,but can go low. Was the low net,but can a Rook win?
Hill, Steven 5*1 Cagy veteran. Has ups and downs Which one shows up?
Grant, David 6*1 Previous winner can he repeat–odds not good
Sanders, Frank 3*1 A player– each round was lower, a natural jock.Could be a load
Carnes, Terry 6*1 Improved each round, good handicap may be dangerous
Holsey, Ronald 5*1 Plays year round,steady game can get hot.Will he?
Kanda, Louis 5*1 Still water runs deep. Makes no mistakes. A stealth player.
Moss, Roy 7*1 High handicap. Spells trouble in final round.
Nash, Steven 8*1 Improved each round but need more gas in the tank
Bailey, Lance 4*1 Dangerous Mango Man, new driver,can go real low. Has a shot to win
Martin, James 4*1 Coming off IR, has the skills but is all of the rust off? Close but no cigar
Bailey, Kwame 6*1 Big hitter, good genes but can he break though? Can blow up can go low??
Day, Robert 8*1 Up and down, mid handicap, sneaky good. If he gets hot who knows
Hall, William 4*1 Past winner, a natural gambler, ice veins. Can go real low but will he?
Smith, Wayne 7*1 Steady game and a high handicap could cause trouble if he is on
Blackwell, Mel 6*1 Driver/wedge and a hole in one. Has a shot if he is on. Do not sleep on him
DeLorme, Gilbert 7*1 Will lull you to sleep and win do not under estimate. Up and down game
LaRoche, Calvin 5*1 Past winner, so a proven winner, lightning rarely strikes twice in same place
Lightfoot, William 6*1 LONG ball hitter and then?? Deceptively good if on he is to be watched
Sanders, Charles 7*1 A lefty can Phil win?? NOT. But be careful he can fool you and has a big handicap
Smith, Larry 7*1 Once in a Blue Moon,this year it is October not September.But he is here for a reason