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Mel’s Odds The Calcutta Finale

Hall and Blackwell Dominate Record Breaking Calcutta

Bill Hall, a 4-1 favorite by Vegas odds, won the RED JACKET. As a result, first place money, nearly $1,400, was won by noted master odds maker Dr. D.W. Ace Blackwell, who had purchased the rights to Mr. Hall. Dr. Blackwell split the first-place prize money with Mr. Hall who had bought back a 50% stake in himself.

Second place, ($584), resulted in a three-way tie—owner Steve Hill (Larry Banks), owner Rob Day (Bill Lightfoot) and owner Gary Smith (Wayne Smith). Each of the owners will receive $194 and settle up with their golfer as appropriate under terms and conditions not made public.

The inaugural Calcutta far exceeded expectations with the number of entries ,22, and a record pot of nearly $2,000. A 90-minute Zoom call by 16 hopefuls produced non stop bidding and smack talking of epic proportions.

As predicted by Dr. Blackwell, one of the regulars in the MBI finished in the money, Bill Lightfoot. (hint: play the MBI).  Also, two 4-1 golfers finished in the money and one won it all. (hint: trust Dr. Blackwell’s odds).

Calcutta participants demanded that a Calcutta be a part of the Red Jacket tournament going forward. Organizers had no comment ,however, it is almost certain that odds are in favor of it happening!