What a great day at Northwest golf course.
CONGRATS to the RED SOCKS winner Joe Latta who was ON FIRE!! A gross 79 and net67. WHOA! 9 pars and one Bird.
Steve Nash was close with an 89 for a 69. Good shooting Steve!
9 of the 18 Duffers shot net 79 or BETTER—-a strong field.


The MBI crew went out to Poolesville Golf Course to get a look at the course for Friday’s 2-Man Team competition. Mr. MBI (MEL) scored a Hole-In-One on the par 3, 168 yard, third hole. Money winners, Saunders, Clyde and Mel.

And they are off the tee box in search of the triple crown of DC Duffers—two low qualifying rounds and one extra low round to win the RED JACKET. Many have broken from the gate very fast and have to be considered a legitimate threat to win it all.

“MANY ARE CALLED BUT FEW ARE CHOSEN!” according to head oddsmaker Mel Blackwell who has set the early odds below to win it all. He cautions there has only been one Secretariat who has gone wire to wire in all three races.


Lance and Kwame Bailey       8-1  Both have had strong showings at MD National And Hampshire Greens But can they do it twice more when the heat is on?

Robert Day                             8-1  Can he go two more low rounds with a target On his back ?

Bill Hall                                   7-1 A strong favorite but already has one jacket will Lightning strike twice? Swami not convinced.

Larry Banks                            9-1  Enjoys a favorable handicap but can a hi Handicapper put together 3 low rounds????

Bill Strudwick                       10-1 Excellent Doctor, does that translate to The course? Take 2 and call me tomorrow!

Steve Hill                                 6-1 Cagy veteran with a consistent game a Dangerous opponent Beware!!

Robert Hood                           9-1 Another hi handicapper whose consistency will Be tested in the forest!

Frank Sanders                        4-1 Very dangerous has played another sport at The highest level so pressure is not a factor!

Richard Johns                        7-1 Long off the tee if the short game is there Could be a second jacket.

Clyde Rowe                             5-1 Plays YEAR-ROUND so is never rusty. Has the Curse of a previous win but he may beat the odds.

Bill Lewis                                8-1 Is in the sweet spot for handicap a blessing And a curse can he hold up to the pressure?


Ron Holsey                               8-1  Consistent and does not rattle also likes A great cigar which is a positive!

Cal LaRoche                             9-1  Red jacket curse but can make some noise A proven winner

Dickie Carter                          10-1  Don’t laugh, if he is on it is OVER! A Big handicap, big hitter and who knows?

Dave Wilmot                           11-1  Long off the tee but can he score Consistently?

Joe Latta                                  10-1 Better than his score indicates could Be in the finals

David Grant                             10-1 Cannot leave the defending champ out! Another guy who can lull you to defeat!

THE REST OF THE DOGS OF THE SUMMER 27-1  (everyone else)

DO NOT DESPAIR AS THE SWAMIE HAS TWO OF YOU IN THE FINALS!!!! The great predictor just does not know who, yet!!!  The crystal ball sees a BIG North wind coming that will blow a couple of contenders out of the race. Oh, and a certain someone has just come off the INJURED RESERVE list and is chomping at the bit to go low!! There is a lot of meat still on that porkchop so grab some cornbread and get to practicing because somebody in this group is gonna emerge!!


Gentlemen, as we get ready for the first round of competition for the RED Jacket, I would like to announce that we will be having a Calcutta in conjunction with the finals of that competition. As you may remember, there will be three rounds of golf (best two of the three scores) with the top 12 (and ties) that will play for the RED jacket.

The Calcutta will be part of the final 12 competition. I have explained below how a Calcutta works .Once we know who the final 12 are (late September/early October) we will hold the auction and finalize the bidding prior to the final round. Meanwhile you may want to pay close attention to the three rounds that precede the final round to help inform your strategy.

I will be delivering “expert” comments after each round and providing “Mel’s” odds. For example , I will be noting who is hot and who is not, strong and weak parts of golfers game and much more. You will not want to miss this critical information.

The first tip is that it is VERY difficult to win the Red Jacket more than one time, so, odds of a repeat are slim. Sorry David Grant, Bobby Dibble, Bill Hall etc. You start off at 25-1 odds. Tip number two is that someone who has played in the MBI has a good chance to take it all, odds are 4-1 a Red jacket will hang in one of their closets.



Each potential RED Jacket winner (12 guys) will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. The winning bidder then “owns” that Golfer for the tournament and in the event “his golfer” wins ( the Red Jacket)——the winning bidder receives the winner’s share of the purse. Golfers are allowed to buy themselves and in the event that they are out bid they can buy back from the winning bidder up to 1/2 the ownership in themselves. There is normally a minimum starting bid which in this case is $50.00 and bids will increase by minimums of $10.00. The total pot ( the sum of all of the bids for all of the 12 golfers)  will be divided 70% to the winner and 30% to the second place finisher.

Example—each of the 12 golfers are bid on ( all 12 do not HAVE to be bid on) and the total bid is $1,200. The person who “owned the Red Jacket winner would win 70% of the $1,200 ($840) and the 2nd place   owner would get $360.

The weekly MBI skins game had some new faces, who were trying to see the course before the 1st Round Red Jacket Qualifier on Saturday.  Money winners, Latta, Hosley, Rowe and Wilmot.

MBI Is BACK, “The weekly skins game” kicked-off another great round of golf and fellowship at Northwest Park Golf Course. Money winners were Sanders, Latta, Lightfoot, Blackwell, and L. Bailey.