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Hobbs Report 2-Man Team Final


Team Stewart ends the 2-Man Season victorious

Washington DC’s Pro-Duffers 2-Man Team results are in – Team Stewart goes back to back – the dynasty continues.

At Hampshire Greens Golf Course in Silver Spring, Maryland on September 26th, 2020 history was made. On a dreary day, with a low of 45°, Pro-Duffer championship hopefuls took to the fairways and took their swing for glory and bragging rights until the next season. This outing completed the third and final round of the 2-Man Team Competition, bringing the struggle to a resounding close. When we last left, Team Stewart’s dynasty chances were under fire and pressure from two other teams fast on their heels. One that even secured a temporary first place lead by 1 point. But maybe it really is true what they say: when you’ve been there before, it makes a difference.

The golden, glowing Team Cox that we saw last round was nowhere to be found out on Hampshire Greens. In round 3 they came in dead last with 1 point. Total. Only one duo under their banner broke 70 strokes – their consistent powerhouse Powell/Sanders weren’t enough to save them with a laudable 65 net score effort. It was just not enough.  

Team Boone had a chance for another uptick in performance as well, having scored 4 points in the last round, but they returned to the standard they set in the first outing of the season. Team Smith had a good day, tying this round for first with Team Stewart, but there was too much ground to cover – they were out before the first tee left the box.

We asked the question, and Team Stewart answered in ice cold blood.  Not one 2-Man team in the stable shot above a 75. They absolutely mowed the competition. And with less than stellar performances from the other two teams in the running, no one seemed to stand a chance.

After a request for comment captain Stewart wanted us all to know: 

“It was a team effort that brought new & old roster members together, and we were willing to step up to the challenge.”

The Pro-Duffers 2-Man Team Championship season has come to an end. The chips and the dip go to Team Stewart, once again. And you can be sure, there’s only going to be one thing on every Pro-Duffer’s mind all of the off season.