Oak Creek Golf Course was in great shape and the weather was great for the 60+ golfers in the field.   Early returns indicate all had a great time and challenge.  The alternate shot can be an exciting challenge. Kudos for this round go to Team Cox,  who edged ahead of Team Lightfoot for the 5 […]

Team Smith takes lead in 2021 Season “Ice-Breaker Opener”

Washington DCs Pro-Duffersfirst 2-Man Team results are in 

A Club record 65 golfers in bumblebee yellow, descended from the hive in Silver Spring, MD to Northwest Golf Course on April 24th – 2-Man Team is back!

Another 18 holes in the heart of Montgomery County: a brand new starting gun to the 2021 tournament season, denoting a new era for the organization, benchmarked by the events of a mid-vaccine, post-coronavirus world.

Last season, crowned champions Team Stewart made a strong showing of prowess, upholding their reputation as a dominant force on the fairway. But even though its early, the standings dont quite yet predict the probability that their dominion is a forgone conclusion for this season.

Team Smith, new kid on the block, has started strong,  finished Round 1 of the tournament with a combined high score of 192, edging out the reigning monarchs , Team Stewart, by 5 POINTS.  Smith and Stewart  were the only two teams to break 200 this Round. The closest encroaching threat is Team Cox who landed in 3rd with 200 even.  The standout low scores for the day came from Team Stewart and Smith as well, the duos of Mathis & Weddington and Galiber & Edwards tied for 64 strokes and the 63 from Collins and Strudwick.

Team Captain Larry Smith said, “I told my Team, do not worry about the other Teams, play to your handicap and go low!” 

That seems to do the trick.

Energy is high and the quality of competitive play only raises year after year, so at this point, it really is still anyones game. But if the results in Round 1 become a regular occurrence, there could be a new reigning trophy holder for the 2-Man Team Championship in 2021.

a wonderful way to end our 2020 golf program with The President’s Pic 4. The Weather was great, and of course, the club’s camaraderie was outstanding @ Argyle Country Club.  50+ golfers, competing for their respective teams for this one last time.


Team Stewart ends the 2-Man Season victorious

Washington DC’s Pro-Duffers 2-Man Team results are in – Team Stewart goes back to back – the dynasty continues.

At Hampshire Greens Golf Course in Silver Spring, Maryland on September 26th, 2020 history was made. On a dreary day, with a low of 45°, Pro-Duffer championship hopefuls took to the fairways and took their swing for glory and bragging rights until the next season. This outing completed the third and final round of the 2-Man Team Competition, bringing the struggle to a resounding close. When we last left, Team Stewart’s dynasty chances were under fire and pressure from two other teams fast on their heels. One that even secured a temporary first place lead by 1 point. But maybe it really is true what they say: when you’ve been there before, it makes a difference.

The golden, glowing Team Cox that we saw last round was nowhere to be found out on Hampshire Greens. In round 3 they came in dead last with 1 point. Total. Only one duo under their banner broke 70 strokes – their consistent powerhouse Powell/Sanders weren’t enough to save them with a laudable 65 net score effort. It was just not enough.  

Team Boone had a chance for another uptick in performance as well, having scored 4 points in the last round, but they returned to the standard they set in the first outing of the season. Team Smith had a good day, tying this round for first with Team Stewart, but there was too much ground to cover – they were out before the first tee left the box.

We asked the question, and Team Stewart answered in ice cold blood.  Not one 2-Man team in the stable shot above a 75. They absolutely mowed the competition. And with less than stellar performances from the other two teams in the running, no one seemed to stand a chance.

After a request for comment captain Stewart wanted us all to know: 

“It was a team effort that brought new & old roster members together, and we were willing to step up to the challenge.”

The Pro-Duffers 2-Man Team Championship season has come to an end. The chips and the dip go to Team Stewart, once again. And you can be sure, there’s only going to be one thing on every Pro-Duffer’s mind all of the off season.   



Round 3 of the Final 2-man team results have been tallied.  Congratulations to Team Stewart for successfully defending their 2019 win.  In this hard-fought season, five teams competed in three very competitive rounds.  Kudos to our newest Team Captains, Larry Smith and Reggie Boone, for putting together great teams and adding great drama to our competitions.  Teams Cox and Boone tied for second-place honors.

Team Cox picks up in 2020 Rd. 2, while Stewart drops 1st spot & falls behind

Washington DC’s Pro-Duffers 2nd round 2-Man Team results show some big shifts in movement. Is Team Stewart losing nerve?

47 Pro Duffers in sunshine yellow, stormed the fairways at Enterprise Golf Course on Friday August 21st in Bowie, MD, to continue the second round of play in the championship 2 Man Team competition. With a high of 82°, and precarious course conditions, it was a fairly uncomfortable end of summer slog across 18 holes in Prince George’s County. This outing completed the second leg of this season’s race to the finish line, a crowned champion, and bragging rights until the next season begins. When we last left, Team Stewart, last year’s champion, made a statement that hinted at the chances of beginning a dynasty.

But that dynasty thought is now in imminent jeopardy. Team Cox shined with extraordinary performances from team partnerships like Powell/Sanders, who shot the lowest score of the day (62), as well as Blackwell/Hill & Malachi/McGlockton only finishing one stroke behind. The leaderboard paints a much more disparate picture than the one we saw last – Team Cox is in the lead at 9 points overall. And while Team Stewart is only one point back, they finished Round 2 in third place behind Team Boone, with the second lowest score on the day. Is that really representative of championship play?

After a request for comment detailing his thoughts about this shift in the leaderboard, Mr. Courtland Cox, team captain, told us:

“The two man team play is one that enhances the value of being a ProDuffer member. It allows for golf partnerships that would not ordinarily occur and the members of the various teams to experience a unique relationship. I am proud of my team’s accomplishment on Friday. There’s still a ways to go, but we will be doing all we can to bring home another championship.”

 With only one round of play left in the Pro-Duffers 2-Man Team Championship division, it’s still a tight race. But if the results in Round 2 are any indication of the future, Stewart might be on the edge of a cold front while Cox is just warming up. Stay tuned!

We fielded over 40 golfers on a great weather day for the round 2 of the 2-man competition, at Enterprise Golf course.  Despite a few challenges due to the course’s condition, we were able to complete the event.



Team Stewart takes lead in 2020 season openers

Washington DC’s Pro-Duffers first outing in the 2-Man Team results are in & the championship race is finally underway:

60 golfers.

1 round – (Two Rounds to Go)

1 Championship title up for grabs.

In Silver Spring, MD at Northwest Park Golf Course on June 27 & July 3rd a new, socially distant, era of competitive golf began. Amidst a looming, ever present worldwide uncertainty, 5 dozen Pro-Duffers played 18 holes in the heart of Montgomery County signifying the starting gun to a freshly minted tournament season in the life of the organization after quarantine respite.

The early season leaderboard is set and the team that currently sits at the top is no stranger to the throne. 2019’s crowned champions Team Stewart made a strong showing of prowess, reinforcing their reputation as a dominant force on the fairway, with a collective score of 179, earning them 5 points. The closest encroaching threat to their continued dominion is Team Cox, who are already on track to a repeat 2nd place performance.

After a request for comment from the team captain himself about this promising start to the season, Mr. Marvin Stewart told us:

“14 out-of 17 team members came to play, and it’s the reason we are in first place. My team is ready and willing to take on all challengers in the 2- Man competition this year.”

Only time will tell if we’re witnessing the dawn of a dynasty in the Pro-Duffers 2-Man Team Championship division, but if the results in Round 1 become a regular occurrence, smart money says it’s a possibility that could easily become reality.

Recap of our formal Club Play for the 2020 Season.  It was a beautiful day and great fun. 40+ golfers Northwest Park Golf Course, average round was 4 hours 10. EXCELLENT.